About InoTech Services LLC

The company was created to help small and medium businesses obtain enterprise level computer services without the substantial cost of business class hardware and software.

InoTech Services, LLC is based on a Cisco infrastructure and our server farm is 100% HP/Compaq equipment. Our US secure data center is located in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our Canadian secure data center is located in Toronto.

The InoTech data center features include:

  • Fully redundant internet connection with speeds up to 10MB.
  • Multiple fiber connections to Internet providers.
  • Dedicated circuit directly to Duke Energy.
  • 24x7 security on data center floor (keycard only).
  • Battery Backup system for complete floor (16 hours).
  • Diesel Generators that can provide backup power for up for 3 days.
  • 100 ton cooling system.
  • Cisco based network and backbone (all redundant).
  • Complete fire suppression system for entire data center.

InoTech Services

Complete Data Protection

InoTech+Protect is a simple and secure storage solution that can increase your productivity by enabling you to back up, access and manage your personal files. InoTech+Protect accelerates your access to the most current version of your files and also provides reliable protection against data loss due to system failure or disaster. For example, if the system you have been using at home crashes beyond repair, your files are still accessible and usable. InoTech+Protect synchronizes your data across all of the computers you use (including desktops, laptops, workstations) quickly and securely, so you no longer need to e-mail files to yourself or save them to a CD and floppy disks. Pricing plans start at only $10 per month and package discounts are available.

Business Communication

InoTech+RemoteOffice is a business communication package including web-based email, resource sharing and file management. Our specialized software allows you secure access to your business email, calendars, contacts and office documents from any computer at anytime (Internet connection required). Every small business could only imagine the increase in business productivity if employees could have the capabilities provided by this communication package. Complete access to all business information via the Internet. Track business appointments, meetings and company events. Send and receive email from anywhere via the Internet. Exchange important ideas and information with your company. Each employee can store and share important documents. Instant access to all business contact information. Automatically block unwanted Spam and virus protection included. Keep track of action items with task lists and to do lists. In today's demanding business world, instant access to critical information and faster customer service can help each small business continue to compete and grow. Pricing plans start at only $5 per month and package discounts are available.

Server Co-Location

InoTech+WebFilter protects your company by filtering objectionable or illegal content from your corporate Internet usage. If your company allows users unrestricted Internet access, it can result in serious financial, legal and social consequences. Bad publicity, copyright violation as a result of music downloads, the viewing of explicit content and employee complaints are all problems that can occur unless web protection services are installed. Productivity - Are your employees being paid to view non-business related content on the Internet? Current research shows that 30 to 40% of employee Internet usage is not work related. Legal issues – Each employer may be liable for offensive or illegal content downloaded by staff. Inappropriate material - Pornography can offend others in the workplace leading to potential sexual harassment cases. Even if your employees are only spending a few minutes a day looking at websites like news and sports, how much is this costing your company? InoTech+WebFilter provides detailed reports of Internet activity, blocked/filtered sites and bandwidth usage to help each company maximize their investment in their corporate Internet.

Application Hosting

Less Administration – Central management of users, software installation/upgrades, security updates for all workstations, company data and backups. The basis of central adminstration allows: Higher Security – Elimination of viruses, Trojans or other vulnerabilities on clients, due to central management of security settings on the server and centralized backups. Hardware Independence – Supports virtually all client devices and computer hardware. System requirements of each device are dramatically lower since application server is processing all of the data. If a single desktop or laptop fails, employee can work on any available system until hardware is replaced - no downtime. Easy Access – Employees, customers and partners can work remotely more easily using published desktops and applications. Basically, with high speed Internet access each employee can have access to all published applications. Reduction in TCO – Total Cost of Ownership can be reduced by up to 50%.

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)!


Clinical Computing

Web-based kidney disease software for better clinical outcomes.

TEnderle Foundation

An organization focused on creating a sustainable market in which Charities, their volunteers and donors are connected with the local community through breakthrough technologies.


A system to guide you through the process of having a sucessful event. Whether you are someone looking for events or need the tools to run an event, we are here to guide you.

City of Mason Ohio

The largest city in Warren County, which is near the southwest corner of Ohio. Warren County is “Ohio’s Largest Playground” and Mason is the anchor.


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